Research group focused on Social Haptics, Assistive Robotics, and Embodiment

About Us

As part of the Oregon State University Collaborative Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CoRIS) Institute, we study human-robot touch, socially assistive robotics, and robot embodiment in everyday settings.

Get Involved

We are looking for inquisitive and diligent graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in studying human-robot interaction. See the “Contact” page for information about how to get in touch.


Our research group runs a robot comedy variety show called Singu-hilarity at The Majestic, a long-standing theater in downtown Corvallis. The next show will take place 17 April 2020. Get your tickets at majestic.org!

As robots become part of our daily lives, many people will expect them to participate in a variety of social touch interactions, including clapping games and, of course, high fives! Check out our IEEE Spectrum article to learn more.

Our minimal vertical wall-plotter robot drew pieces inspired by the generative and conceptual art movements as part of the “Things That Only Recently Existed” exhibit in the Fairbanks Hall Woodshop Gallery.

If we’re to embrace robots as companions, healthcare assistants, and co-workers, we’ll need to communicate with them in a way we understand. Read more about this and other topics in Prof. Fitter’s interview with PCMag.